Securmark is a Norwegian-owned company that has specialised in anti-theft marking. We collaborate actively with the police, rescue services and the insurance industry to prevent theft and to protect and return assets and equipment to their owners.

The company, which was formed in Arendal (Norway) in 1988, has a well-developed market organisation consisting of more than 600 dealers in Norway and Sweden for marking boats, engines, water scooters and other assets and equipment.

The Securmark system
Securmark is an international system for security marking. Engraving/etching is used in combination with microdots to mark boats/engines, water scooters, tools, construction plant, office and IT equipment and other assets and equipment. Each unit is assigned a unique ID for clear and certain identification.

All information about the assets and equipment and their ownership is registered in Securmark’s international database.

Securmark in Sweden
Securmark AB covers distribution in Sweden and Finland. The company was formed in 2003.

Agreements with boat manufacturers
Securmark has signed agreements for Securmark anti-theft marking with more than 20 boat manufacturers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In practice, this means that several thousand boats are marked each year by their respective manufacturers.

The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue
Securmark Scandinavia AS is owned by Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue.